Katherine Webb Looked Sorta Miserable At The Iron Bowl

Poor Katherine Webb. Not only did she have to endure watching her alma mater win the Iron Bowl on the greatest play in college football history, she also had to hang with AJ McCarron’s family in what looks like a tacky stretched SUV limo.

The AJ McCarron-Webb college story is over. Bama is headed to a BCS game that Brent Musburger won’t be working, and Webb’s days as college football’s sweetheart are finished. She might get TV time at the Heisman Trophy ceremony, but that should be her final buzz until the NFL Draft, where some project McCarron as a first-round pick.

This isn’t how the college years were supposed to end for McCarron-Webb. There was supposed to be one more tango with Musburger; there was supposed to be a three-peat. Instead, Webb consoled AJ and got tongue-bombed by AJ’s cousin, Rusty.

All in all, it looked like a miserable day.

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