Browns Fan Calls TV Show To Say That Steelers Fan “Peed” On Everyone



Remember a week ago when the Steelers walked into Cleveland and beat the Brownies, 27-11? Of course you do. It was your typical November Steelers-Browns game. Browns fans get drunk. Steelers win. Browns are below .500. Steelers got one game closer to .500.

The game left a huge impression on one Browns fan who just had to tell SportsTime Ohio show host Bruce Drennan about what went down in one of the bathrooms.

Imagine this: Steelers fan whips out his dong, starts spraying piss on Browns fans and then the YouTube uploader’s video flames out and we don’t hear the rest of the story.

Did Steelers fan get pummeled? Was there a massive brawl? Was he wearing a Roethlisberger jersey? Did Steelers fan wash his hands?

*Kudos to Drennan for keeping a straight face.

Were you in the Browns bathroom when Steelers fan started garden hosing Browns fans? We want to hear the rest of this story.

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