Miami Players Practiced Topless Before Friday’s Game At Pitt

After starting the season 7-0, Miami dropped off the college football radar thanks to a three-game losing streak (during which they may or may not have been jinxed by A-Rod).

The Hurricanes (8-3) are playing Pitt (6-5) at chilly Heinz Field this afternoon in a game that really doesn’t mean all that much to either team.

That doesn’t mean Miami passed up an opportunity to try to psyche out the Panthers on their home field. The Hurricanes went through an early practice topless — no jerseys or pads. It was a very, very A-Rod look.

This quintessential hardo move from the quintessential hardo school better result in a victory, otherwise all those chapped nipples are going to be difficult to rationalize leading up to a third-tier bowl appearance.


[H/T: Reddit/R/CFB]

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