Plaxico Burress Short-Selling Florida McMansion For $2.3 Million [PHOTOS]


Plaxico Burress Home LEAD

Ranking 31st in the NFL in red zone TD scoring percentage, the Steelers could probably use Plaxico Burress Thanksgiving night against the Ravens.

Unfortunately, Burress is out for the season — and possibly forever — after sustaining a torn rotator cuff during pre-season workouts with Pittsburgh in August.

Shoulder rehab could be the least of Burress’ worries. He recently put his Lighthouse Point, Fla. mansion on short sale for $2.3 million. That’s a steep price cut from the $3.99 million the wiry wide receiver paid for the home in 2005.

Burress’ struggles in keeping the mansion started during his legal troubles after shooting himself in the leg at a New York City club in 2008. The home was foreclosed on in 2010, while Burress was serving a prison sentence on felony weapon charges related to the shooting. He managed to keep the property during the recent soft real estate market.

While the home was once available for well under $2 million, it can now be had for $2.3 million. For that price, you get the following amenities:

• museum-quality marble floors
• gourmet kitchen
• stained glass dome
• elevator
• pool and private dock (Terrible Towels not included)

Maybe Burress can get healthy for a final year (and clean up some of that red ink)?

Highlights of Plaxico Burress’ Lighthouse Point, Fl. House:

• 5 bedrooms, 5 baths and 1 half-bath

• 6,872-square-feet

• 1.5 miles to Playmates Lounge

• 7.2 miles from Whole Foods

• 2.5 miles to Gun World of South Florida

[Plaxico Burress Eyes Short Sale on Florida McMansion — Realtor]

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