Does ‘SuperBama Kevin’ Have College Football’s Best Superfan Costume?



You know what Alabama’s football team really needed? A superhero. A guy to fight off evil. A guy who fights for the little guys in football. A hero to save the day.

They really needed a guy named Kevin to dress up in a character that Kev calls “SuperBama.”

And of course SuperBama is getting TV time because it’s Iron Bowl week and Dee Dee Bonner was busy picking out a turkey.

Alabama TV station WSFA caught up with SuperBama for a conversation:

Seamon isn’t afraid to let his Tide Pride show and is in the second year of dressing up as SuperBama. His costume includes a cape with championship patches.

It started out as a challenge from a friend, who said Seamon wouldn’t dress up. But he did, and SuperBama has developed quite a following. He even has his own Facebook page with more than 1,000 followers.

Seamon has been following the Tide for more than 20 years. His devotion to the Tide started while watching the 1985 Iron Bowl with his father who is also a big Alabama fan.

That was the last game he watched with his dad before he died, making it the most memorable for Kevin. He says it was more special than the championship games.

Yes, Seamon is really his last name.

I was sorta disappointed that the reporter didn’t ask SuperBama about his superpowers or how he would help Bama beat Auburn. This is a rookie reporter mistake. These crazy Bama fans want to tell you how crazy they are for their team. Drop a fishing line and let them bite.

“Kevin, if you don’t mind me asking, what superpower will you use if Alabama is losing 31-22 late in the 4th quarter?”

It’s that simple.

At least Kevin (yep, he has a Facebook account) drinks. I was worried this guy was so wrapped up in the costume that he wouldn’t pound a few Bud Lights. Bonus: it seems the ladies love the look.