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Alabama Radio Station Fashion Cop Has ‘Roll Tide’ Iron Bowl Fun

We received this from morning show host Qtip (@QtipQtip) at 97.5 WABD in Mobile, Alabama:

Wanted to pass along Vines of our Sidekick on the show ‘Gossip Greg’…….What you see is not a joke….Greg’s personality is like no other….Greg is a massive AL fan and because of the Iron Bowl this weekend, he went out on the streets this morning as a Fashion Cop busting Auburn fans for wearing Orange and Blue.

Just wanted to pass these along to give you guys a laugh!

Keep up the great work!


Greg’s best work, from what we see in the Vines and photos, happened on a Mobile street corner. Nothing gets attention in that city like a flamboyant traffic cop in Reno 911 shorts holding a “Roll Tide Yall” sign. Nothing.

Best Iron Bowl Vine of 2013 (so far). Game over.




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