Whiskey Wasted: Jameis Winston’s Twitter Account Hacked?

Jameis Winston tweet 1

After quarterbacking the Seminoles into the national title picture, Jameis Winston is an obvious favorite of Florida State football fans. The embattled Heisman Trophy candidate is often stopped by fans for pictures before and after games (see below).

While Winston has a Twitter, he hadn’t tweeted back at any fans since Aug. 5, as per head coach Jimbo Fisher’s team policy. That’s well before Winston became a star and before the sexual assault allegations against him were revisited.

On Tuesday, Sporting News social media editor Kami Mattioli noticed that Winston made his first tweet since Aug. 5. It was a retweet from an account with a female avi (@shanlaiacona):

“I wanna get whiskey wasted.”

Yeah. We’re thinking Jameis wouldn’t roll that out there at this time, especially considering the continuing investigation and the game against rival Florida set for Saturday (Noon ET on ESPN).

The Florida State Athletic Department later said that Winston was, in fact, hacked.

Was it the work of tech-savvy Gators’ fans? We’ll see if anyone steps up and claims responsibility.