VCU’s Dance Team Captain Dating VCU Pep Band Director Ryan Kopacsi



Hang with me on this one.

And we officially have a possible controversy at VCU, a school that doesn’t have football so basketball is very, very important. A BC tipster wanted us to look into what’s going on with a relationship within the basketball program.

How important is basketball to VCU? Basketball coach Shaka Smart is guaranteed $1.4-$1.5 million a year through 2028. Even the pep band director, the notorious Ryan Kopacsi, got a nice raise this fall after pretending he was retiring in what many think was a ploy to get more money.

It has been reported that Kopacsi, 34, now makes $35,000 a year to work 29 hours a week after his semi-holdout, officially making him a VCU employee.

Enter VCU dance team captain Becky Bourne (@beckylbourne).

You know the deal: she’s hot, is flexible, is a student and seems to be deep in love with the wildly popular pep band director.




I’m not sure what’s going on at VCU, but it seems that being the pep band director is a damn good job to have these days. Not only are you getting paid nice coin to work 29 hours a week, you’re also bagging the dance team captain. Maybe this is an inappropriate relationship; I have no idea based on the school’s student-employee dating policy.

What’s clear is that Ryan Kopacsi, who has a Model Mayhem page, should be congratulated for turning some dorky job like being a pep band director into a poon gathering gig. Amazing work by this guy.


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