JaMarcus Russell Getting Porky – Again


CBS football guru Bruce Feldman tweeted Saturday: “A JaMarcus Russell sighting this morning in hotel here at #LSU. Dude is a giant. Looked like an OT.”

Of course we reserved judgement until seeing exactly what’s going on with Russell’s weight. You might remember the last time we visited with JaMarcus, Jeff Garcia was feeding this guy’s head with dreams of returning to glory and making more money.

And then we saw a photo (above) from erindaniellerhynes at Saturday’s A&M-LSU game. Let’s just say it’s a good thing Johnny didn’t challenge JaMarcus to a foot race.

We can’t see everything that’s going on with his weight, but it seems the former LSU and Raiders QB is enjoying his return to retirement. He’s not back to full bastard mode, but there are obvious signs his NFL comeback is over. The chin is getting bloaty.

It’s hard to blame the guy for going back to his retirement. He got close to another $3 million out of the Raiders in July.

Earlier this year: