Jake Peavy Is Now Driving His Duckboat Around Alabama


Remember when Jake Peavy was so geeked about riding in the Red Sox World Series parade that he bought one of the Duckboats for $75,000?

Well, Peavy’s ship has finally come in. He started driving (sailing?) his boat, “Charlie River,” in Alabama on Thursday afternoon and tweeted out a picture (above).

The entire idea allegedly came from Red Sox outfielder Jonny Gomes, per Boston.com:

“Two months ago, [Peavy] showed me his property in Alabama. I think he owns three-quarters of the state. He’s going through all these pictures and I’m like ‘You don’t have a duck boat,’ so when we go, you like buy the exact duck boat you ride on and you ship that pig to Alabama.”

“And he did. … Now we can have a World Series parade any time we want at Jake’s house.”

You can follow the saga of Peavy’s duckboat in the photos below:

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