Fred McGriff Grabbing A Boob In A Tampa Bar


Fred McGriff Grope Ybor City

Former MLB first baseman Fred McGriff should probably be in the Hall of Fame. However, thanks to his position and the artificial inflation of stats during the “Steroid Era,” ten 30-homer seasons — 493 total career blasts — are not enough for the Crime Dog to get a sniff of Cooperstown.

It’s all good, because Crime Dog does not give a shit. …He can still grope hot athletic trainers in a club in Tampa’s Ybor City AND play kickball with a cute Florida news anchor without some stupid sportswriters’ affirmation of his career.

McGriff was spotted at First Chance, Last Chance in Ybor City this week. As you can see in the photo above, McGriff has some of the fastest hands to have ever played first base.

Earlier in the week, McGriff played kickball with WFTS-TV anchor Ashley Glass and friends. He even played first base.

Imagine if you’re on the other kickball team and Fred McGriff jogs out to play first? It’s like a “Married With Children” episode in modern-day Tampa.

The best move is just to drink harder and hope McGriff’s leg speed isn’t as fierce as his bat speed (or his hand speed).

Yes, that's my real name.
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