Sexy Broncos Fan Gets Peyton Manning Bodypaint Job [PHOTOS]



Model/actress Natasha Kizmet can usually be found on her website posing for bikini calendars and video blogging. A native of Uzbekistan now living in Denver, Kizmet proves that America is still the Land of Opportunity.

Kizmet is a big Broncos fan and, by extension, a HUGE fan of Peyton Manning. She got together with a Colorado artist to have him paint her body to look just like Manning (‘cept for the Manning Face/huge forehead, of course). Via her site:

As a Denver resident, I have fallen in love with Peyton Manning!

What an amazing quarterback and person! He is just the best!

To honor him, I got with Denver’s great Body Painting artist, Alan Anderson

( to create this masterpiece!

She’s doing it all for you, Denver. Why the special Manning shoot at this point in the season? Broncos-Patriots is this Sunday night at 8:30 p.m. ET on NBC.

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