Blackhawks Fan Wearing Indian Headdress Throws Beer On Nashville Fan


The 17-second video of Blackhawks fan being a giant pussy comes from last Saturday’s game in Nashville. That’s all we know. Did Predators fan tell the asshole Chicago fan to lose the headdress? Was Blackhawks fan standing up and blocking the view? Was Blackhawks fan being a general asshole?

Probably to all of them.

You can tell that Predators wife doesn’t want her guy getting into a brawl with Sitting Bull, but once Bull threw beer, it was on.

Nashville won, 7-2.


According to Nashville Post writer J.R. Lind (@jrlind):

Don’t shoot vertical video, kids. That said, I know the backstory here as the women involved is my dear mother-in-law and the gentleman is her ex-firefighter, former Marine husband. My seats are across the aisle, behind the people shooting the video.

Headdress Guy was putting that headdress on the entire game, blocking the view of folks behind him. My mother-in-law asked him to remove it. He didn’t. The usher asked him to remove it. He didn’t. As the game progressed, Headdress Guy and his friends became increasingly lubricated and increasingly obscene. Now, I’m a Navy vet, so there’s a certain level of bad language I’ll tolerate, but this had gone far beyond that (into very descriptive C-words). Eventually, I contacted Fan Relations and a Metro police officer and some Bridgestone Arena security types were dispatched to keep Headdress from coming back to his seat. Now, midway through the third, Headdress hadn’t returned, and with the game now out of hand, we figured he wasn’t coming back (you can see the empty seats nearby, which had been occupied by mostly ‘Hawks fans).

Eventually, Headdress Guy was kicked out.

J.R., who blogs about the NHL’s Central Division at III Communication, has more news and a police report on other Chicago fans getting rowdy at Saturday’s game.

Have details on Sitting Bull vs. Predators fan? Let us know.

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