Best Of Nikkie Forni – Browns Fan

I’d normally just keep moving if I came across a barely clothed woman standing in an Ohio field covered by a gentle November snow. Yes, even if that woman is wearing riding boots, a bikini bottom and a leather jacket while showing crazy cleavage in the Ohio cold.

But, you throw a Browns hat on that same woman and you have Nikkie Forni, a Browns fan who has shot right to the top of our “Hottest Browns Fans” list. (The list is short.)

Forni, a model for Supre Tan, is a Cleveland native. This isn’t some hot model planted in a snowy Ohio cornfield.

Bonus: Forni can also handle a crossbow.

Let me recommend you get on the bandwagon right now. Her Twitter account (@NikkieNicoleCLE) has just over 1k followers; she has 1,800 followers on Facebook and just over 2,000 on Instagram.

You guys always want new faces. Here you go.

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