Dee Dee Bonner Not Bothered Her Rack Is All Over Internet [PHOTOS]



Dee Dee Bonner, also known as AJ McCarron’s mom, has finally addressed the red dress photo that made her a famous SEC mom and moved her to the top of BC’s “Hottest Ladies of the SEC” list. I keep that updated on Twitter.

Fox Sports got her to answer this most pressing question:

Q: You’re becoming pretty famous in your own right on the Internet. What do you think when you Google yourself and see all those photos of you in a bikini or in that red dress that so many seem to admire?

At first it was very upsetting. The pictures were stolen from my personal account a few years ago. Pictures of us with friends at a Mardi Gras ball and pictures of us out on a boat taken and posted all over was shocking. But over the years I have learned to ignore the comments and posts. When I was upset the boys just said to me, ‘Ma, you are beautiful don’t worry about it. If you were some ugly old hag no one would even care.’ So now a sign on GameDay doesn’t bother me. The rude comments are just ignored. Besides those pictures are from years ago, and I am aging by the minute. So it’s all good.

Dee Dee has four more Alabama games to enjoy the limelight so she should actually release more red dress-like photos before it’s all over.

The boat photo she’s talking about is the one where AJ is giving her a lips kiss.

Roll Tide!


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