Charlotte Cops Scuffle With Panthers Fan During Monday Night Football

BC reader Jonathan sent video this morning of a guy who looks like Dirk Nowitzki getting rowdy with Charlotte cops during Monday Night Football.

Jonathan explains the situation:

They were talking to him at the top of the club seat entrance. Guessing he was just being rowdy; they are way too sensitive at BofA stadium in trying to preserve the family friendly, wine and cheese football crowd. I saw the scuffle start and honestly thought this poor guy got a raw deal. The cops made it physical while he was just talking to them. Unfortunately I wasn’t fast enough on the draw to capture the beginning. He got a darn good stiff arm in there and he made it past the Miller Lite “extra yard” sign which was hilarious. The cops also pepper sprayed him just before the melee and you can hear everyone starting to cough and choke at the end.

Just look at all that yardage Dirk gained after first contact. I’d say he got at least 6-7 extra yards from the door to the Miller sign.

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