Alabama May Sue You For Unauthorized Use Of ‘Alabama,’ ‘Roll Tide’ & More


The University of Alabama had the second-best selling merchandise in the most recent collegiate licensing company rankings. The school reported $12 million in sales in 2012.

How the hell else are they supposed to pay Nick Saban, right?

Well, by cracking down on nice ladies who bake cookies with a script ‘A’ on them and enforcing trademark claims over words and phrases like ‘Alabama,’ ‘Bama,’ ‘Roll Tide’ and more. reports that the school sent a cease & desist to Mary Cesar of Mary’s Cakes & Pastries in Northport, Ala. The shop sold cookies decorated with the school’s familiar script ‘A’ for $1.75.

Cesar claimed ignorance:

“I didn’t think it applied to temporary baked goods. We’re not talking a permanent image. We’re talking a cookie that’s going to be gone and has a hand-drawn thing on it.”

The bakery reached a deal with the school, which could mean ‘Bama was compensated for the use of its ‘A’.

The University holds a trademark on 43 words, phrases or logos that it can — and will — claim through legal measures. Among them:

• Alabama
• Bama
• U of A
• Roll Tide

Fans better hope that the university never has to pony up to match an offer to keep Saban. Enforcement officers could walk around the state ringing up fines like the school does wins.

This lady would be in serious trouble.

Check the gallery below for possible offenders:

[Roll Tide, via @John_Pelham]