Hawaii Women’s Basketball Fan Starts Wild Brawl With West Virginia Fans, Coach

Did you miss the Bank of Hawaii Rainbow Wahine Classic final in Honolulu yesterday? While you weren’t watching unranked NCAA women’s basketball on an NFL Sunday, you missed a post-game brawl with the best narration ever. Watch and listen above.

That’s Jim Leahey, the voice of Hawaii sports, giving his best disappointed tone while a brawl rages.

The fight broke out behind the Mountaineers’ team bench minutes after West Virginia beat host Hawaii, 59-56. WVU head coach Mike Carey said a fan confronted one of his assistant coaches leading to the scuffle (via the Star-Advertiser):

“He was heckling the whole game. And people can do that, that’s no biggie. He came down from the stands trying to go after my assistant coach. That’s what happened. And then somebody grabbed him, stopped him and he kept trying to go, and people fell. That’s when all the commotion started.”

The person who caught the worst of the brawl? UH athletic director Ben Jay, who collapsed on the court after his back was injured.

“We were getting ready to do the awards ceremony and I saw the fight break out in the corner, so I just leaped over there to try and help break it up,” Jay said.

“We were just trying to peel people off and keep everybody from swinging and everything. And then I got hit with something in the back.”

You think Hawaii ever considered making this a home-and-home series?

Postgame celebration ruined by Hawaii fan who attacks #WVU WBB Bench and begins a fight. Benches knocked over, fans come out of stands.

— Jeff Culhane (@jeffculhane) November 18, 2013

Benches knocked over after Hawaii fan comes out of stands towards #WVU players pic.twitter.com/GwTpYnn30j

— Jeff Culhane (@jeffculhane) November 18, 2013