Erin Andrews Ass Security, Mettenberger Going Hard & Bucs Fan Is Excited

morning twitpics

Where was I yesterday/last night? Oh, just in the basement of BC HQ hiding from those tornadoes that ripped shit up across the Midwest. And then BC lost electric for about 10 hours so you didn’t get video of a 49ers fan smoking a bowl at last night’s game.

Look for that in the Daily Dump.

As for the updated NFL playoff probabilities, the Seahawks now have the highest probability to win the Super Bowl at 19%; Kansas City dropped to 15%. After a rough start and everyone laughing at him, Chip Kelly now has a 50% probability to make the playoffs.

What will be the game of the year? The Iron Bowl. Auburn is now #6 in the BCS standings (full standings & AP poll) thanks to that miracle on Saturday.