Can Someone At West Virginia Get Kevin Pittsnogle Better Basketball Seats?


Imagine you’re 6-11 Kevin Pittsnogle and rank 8th on the West Virginia all-time leading scoring list for the school’s proud basketball team. You get your hands on tickets and decide to take your son to the gym where fans cheered his last name and dad starred on ESPN. It’s a November game, on a Sunday, against Duquesne. You walk into the arena where you became famous and head for the seats.

And you keep walking up. To the upper level. To a level where you’re eye level with the scoreboard. To a level where you’ll need to zoom with your iPhone.

Nobody seems to notice the 6-11 guy who is second all-time for 3-point percentage at the school and took the Mountaineers to the Elite 8 in 2005.

As you can see, a humbled Pittsnogle wasn’t looking for handouts from the school:

I didn’t ask jus got some tickets n found seat lol. No big deal. N George I don’t really know anyone there. Everyone has left since I was there. The AD is different the president is diff all the coaches r diff lol …I could get tickets to Michigan easier than wvu lmao

The Michigan reference is for John Beilein, his coach at West Virginia from 2002-06.

Maybe it’s time for someone on Bob Huggins’ staff to reach out to Kevin Pittsnogle. Get the guy some lower bowl tickets. Show him on the video board. Make Kevin’s son feel proud of his father after all he meant to the school. Maybe have him say hello to the current players.

Maybe get his son a foam finger and a West Virginia hat.

Kevin Pittsnogle is too broken down and humble to ask for decent seats, so we’ll ask for him. Anyone at West Virginia have some decent seats Kevin and his son can use for an upcoming game?