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How Many Beers: Alyssa Milano In Hawaii [PHOTOS]

I can’t wait for the tweets: “Are you kidding, more like ‘How many beers’ would Alyssa Milano hypothetically need to sleep with me.” They’re coming, except these guys will murder the spelling of hypothetically.

Now 40, Milano was spotted on a Hawaii beach this weekend and I instantly thought she is the perfect How Many Beers contestant. 40 scares off some of you in your early 20s who didn’t grow up on Who’s The Boss. There are others who might be nervous, because Milano was your childhood crush.

There are others who will say a fifth of Jim Beam because she’s a Dodgers fan.

Perfect contestant.

How Many Beers: 4 Mike’s Hard Lemonades, a 5-Hour and a shot of Don Julio. Let’s roll.

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