6’4″ 400 Pound Tony Picard Will Be On CNN, Would ‘Trample’ Incognito


Remember last Friday night when we made White Swan, WA running back Tony Picard a Twitter darling because he’s a 6’4, 400 pound running back? Yeah, now comes the part when Big Tone (that’s him above in 8th grade!) makes the media rounds. You don’t trend on Twitter for an entire weekend without getting some TV love.

Up first:

Picture 2

Just imagine: this high school senior (@tony_picard41) was playing a game Friday night and had no idea that his name was trending on Twitter. Of course he can’t believe what happened to him in 72 hours.

Picture 1

But he’s still the same old Big Tone as he was before the fame came calling.

Picture 1

Of course he is.

And, what about the photo that has now become so famous?

Picture 2


Finally, what about the NFL’s big bully?

Picture 3