Old Drunk Oregon Fan Doesn’t Take Stanford Loss Very Well, Arrested



Poor Raymond Robertson. The 66-year-old Oregon Ducks fan thought the November 7 game against Stanford would go perfectly: he would drink some wine, watch the Ducks get revenge on the Cardinal for ruining his 2012 season and he’d go home a happy man from a Beaverton, Oregon theater.

And then something went wrong for Ray, according to the Oregonian.

It was after 10 p.m. and the theater’s staff called 911 saying Robertson, 66, of Troutdale, was “trying to fight everyone” after a private viewing of the Oregon Ducks’ 26-20 loss to Stanford, according to a Beaverton police report.

Robertson explained that he was upset over the football team’s loss and was venting while leaving the theater when someone approached him and he felt threatened, the report said.

“I tried to throw a punch,” said Robertson according to the report, “but I missed.”

Drunk, but honest.

It gets better.

Robertson later told the officer that he won the private viewing for the game at Cinetopia from a raffle and the prize included alcoholic beverages for up to 40 of his guests, the report said. He estimated drinking six glasses of wine.

Vodka Samm thinks Ray is a giant pussy for only having a .17 BAC. You probably remember that Samm was standing and not causing shit with a .341.