Chicago Wins American Honey World Kickball Title; Scott Eastwood Hosts The Fun

We’re still sorta recovering from lack of sleep and a little too much Wild Turkey American Honey at last weekend’s World Kickball Championship at the Hard Rock Las Vegas. Chicago won the 16-team, single-elimination tournament with a 13-7 win over Louisville, taking home a check for $10,0000.

The real highlight of the weekend for Busted Coverage and Coed was the Bubble Soccer portion of the “Bar-sity” Games. We competed against fellow out-of-shape internet dorks and the American Honeys in giant air bubbles that allowed competitors to truck each other while trying to score goals. It was like combining hockey and soccer into a sport. Let’s just say I’m hooked. Ever wanted to absolutely run over a guy like Ray Lewis and not get sent to prison? This is your sport.

The weekend was hosted by actor Scott Eastwood, who served as the celebrity referee for both events. Eastwood, who will star in the upcoming Brad Pitt movie, Fury, was in charge of the weekend fun. The guy managed his media interviews, did shots during bubble soccer and handled his kickball referee duties.


Eastwood told us he’s into all sorts of sports so serving as a celebrity kickball ref in Vegas for a weekend seemed like a perfect fit. He’s a huge 49ers fan and didn’t hesitate to talk NFL.

“I have a man crush on Kaepernick,” Eastwood said. “The guy is an inspiration to anyone who says, ‘I’m going to make it, I’m going to do this’.” And Harbaugh? “He’s cutthroat. I love it.”

American Honey Bar-sity Athletics World Championship

Speaking of cutthroat, the American Honey Kickball Tournament ended with high emotions from both Chicago and Louisville. There were bloody knees, players sweating profusely, a DJ pumping out song after song for about eight hours and Vegas locals stopping by the field in the Hard Rock parking lot looking stunned at what was taking place.


Expect word to travel fast that this is now the premiere event for kickball in the United States. Players were awarded travel, two nights at the Hard Rock Hotel, a $100 debit card for fun and a few extras just for making it to Vegas. Players were also treated to a Friday night welcome party featuring “Bar-sity” Games, a special Scott Eastwood drink called the Honey Gobbler and plenty of food.

Some walked away with cash, others walked away with an amazing kickball weekend and others walked away just hoping to recover from late nights, too much American Honey and soreness from bubble soccer.


American Honey Bar-sity Athletics World Championship American Honey Bar-sity Athletics World Championship American Honey Bar-sity Athletics World Championship

Scott serving up a Honey Gobbler at the Friday night welcome party

American Honey Bar-sity Athletics World Championship

The kickball field right next to Paradise Rd.


Victory shots in the Hard Rock parking lot