Bama Fans So Loud They Created Mini Earthquake During LSU Game

Everything is back to normal at Bama. All they needed was LSU to come to town.

Despite winning back-to-back national titles, it hasn’t been a pretty year for Roll Tide when it comes to fans at Bryant-Denny. It’s no secret that Nick Saban wasn’t pleased with students who were leaving games early for the bar.

He really blew up after an October game when nearly the entire student section left the Arkansas game during the fourth quarter.

Birmingham radio host Jim Dunaway (@jimdunaway) posted the Insty video.

The stadium actually shaking during TV timeout in Tuscaloosa

In September, the NCAA ranked the loudest college stadiums:

No. 5: Lane Stadium, Virginia Tech

No. 4: Camp Randall Stadium, Wisconsin

No. 3:  Kyle Field, Texas A&M

No. 2: Autzen Stadium, Oregon

No. 1: Tiger Stadium, LSU

I’ve been to #1 and #2. Flip a coin for these positions. Both places are insane.