Shawn Bradley Loves His Double-Pocket Cargo Jorts



BC reader Zach W. sends emails from time to time asking if I’ve seen anything lately on specific former athletes. Today, he threw out the name Shawn Bradley. “Where the *&$# did that guy run off to? I know Manute Bol is dead, so you guys should figure out what happened to Shawn Bradley.”

One thing led to another and we were looking at multiple photos of Shawn Bradley (made  $69,580,000 during his NBA career) wearing amazing, double-pocket cargoes.

The guy seems to love these shorts. You know how you have go-to shorts that you’ll wear five out of seven nights during the summer? That’s 7’6 Bradley.

Now 41, Bradley spends his time being a cowboy and raising money for good causes via his golf tournament. Not much has been heard from Big Shawn since 2011 when his giant bicycle was stolen and recovered by Utah cops.


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