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Nippert Stadium Penis Drawing Follows Cincinnati Snowfall

The University of Cincinnati’s Nippert Stadium may never be home to a national championship-caliber football team, but it makes a perfect canvas for a giant penis. Something tells us coach Tommy Tuberville won’t use this as a recruiting lure.

An aspiring artist took advantage of a heavy dusting of snow on Tuesday to create line art of a giant penis and testicles on the football field at Nippert.

Not satisfied with just a rough outline, the snowflake Matisse added droplets emanating from the head of the snow dong for good measure. Gotta love the detail.

Cincinnati’s next home game is Thursday, Dec. 5 vs. Louisville and Teddy Bridgewater. This could be foreshadowing.

After pic for good, uh, measure:

[H/T: @RY3_DAWG]

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