Johnny Manziel’s Eyes Looked Glassy Last Night With Drake’s Crew



Just when you figure Johnny Manziel is going to cruise through the next few weeks, win another Heisman and go to another bowl game without much media attention, the guy goes out last night with Drake’s Regime/OVO/TOPSZN crew for some concert.

The next thing you know, Johnny is acting hard in his TOPSZN winter cap (because it’s real cold right now in Texas) and his OVO Fest shirt with Drake’s buddies OB O’Brien (right) and OVORyan.

Here’s a sample of O’Brien’s rhymes. Yes, he’s supposed to be a Jewish rapper:

They tell you white man can’t rap white man can’t jump
Black man can’t be president or shoot no puck
You take all them stereotypes and rip that up
And this the song they gonna play when you win that cup
Je m’appelle OB comment t’appelle tu
Funny Coloured Money thats my label thats my crew
I been grinding for a minute baby this ain’t nothing new
Up north we call it skating leave the hating up to you
Shout P.K., what up P.K

Anyway, the takeaway from last night was that Johnny looks like he needs to get some sleep. Those eyes are glassy and nearly closed. Someone get that guy a pillow and a bag of Doritos.

[via obobrien]

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