Chiefs’ Fan Miss Sexy Vixen Weighs In On Dwayne Bowe Arrest [PHOTOS]



Kansas City wide receiver Dwayne Bowe was arrested on speeding and possession of marijuana charges on Sunday, just a week before his undefeated Chiefs take on the Broncos in Denver on Sunday night (8:30 p.m. ET on NBC).

Obviously, it’s not an ideal time for anyone on KC’s roster to create a distraction. Chiefs’ superfan Miss Sexy Vixen — whom we’ve featured before — understands this.

We asked for her thoughts, and she weighed in on the Bowe arrest better than the talking heads on TV whom you’ll hear hammering Bowe from now through Sunday night:

I had to find out the hard way about Bowe’s arrest from none other than a Broncos’ fan who is a regular to my site (luckily he was nice about it). I first thought he was joking because I thought to myself, ‘How can anyone be so stupid’ so I quickly pulled up Arrowhead Pride and there it was “Bowe Arrested for Pot.”

I could care less what people do in the privacy of their own home when it comes to pot — you either smoke it or don’t — but when it’s against the rules of the NFL, then you need to pull your head out of your ass and follow the rules.

Of all the weeks to get busted for an illegal and unauthorized substance, it had to be this week, the week leading up to probably the biggest game of the year. If it weren’t bad enough worrying about whether the offense will show up or not, it doesn’t make the situation any better when fans have to worry about one of our most known receivers being suspended (although he has been a bit lackluster this year).

What Bowe did was careless, stupid and extremely selfish. He let down his coaches, fellow teammates and most importantly Kansas City and fans across the country. Chiefs fans are finally seeing a team that works together, rises to the occasion and finds ways to win games, albeit not pretty games, but winning games. Coming from a 2-14 season to a 9-0 record so far, should be enough to make all players want to continue striving to be the best team in the league. Making stupid decisions doesn’t help a team continue to beat the odds; it holds them back.

So Bowe, you make millions to play a sport that many would give their left nut for. Don’t take it for granted; play the game and follow the rules. If you want to smoke pot that bad, leave the league and let another receiver play, one who appreciates the opportunity they’ve been given.

There you have it. Do you honestly think Skip Bayless will put it as bluntly as that? Never gonna happen.

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