Anne Hathaway Is Woodhead Fan, Amazing Incognito Sign & #MACtion


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The bet you should’ve made Sunday, but didn’t, from RJ Bell (@RJinVegas):

$100 on Jags, Rams, and Panthers to all win on Sunday (money line parlay) would have paid $9,500!

How much college basketball did I watch last night? Like two minutes. I understand that it was #1 vs. #2, but it’s November. Remember when the Maui Invitational happened Thanksgiving week and that was the college basketball kickoff? What about the Great Alaska Shootout? Remember when at least one top team would talk their players into enjoying Alaska?

The last five winners of the Great Alaska Shootout: San Diego State, Washington State, St. John’s, Murray State and Charlotte.

Now we get a preseason Final Four on November 12th. Someone wake me in late February.

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