Cheyenne Woods, Tiger’s Niece, Recreates His Famous Nike Commercial

What has Cheyenne Woods, Tiger’s niece, been up to lately? Oh, just trying to duplicate Uncle Tiger’s bouncing ball Nike commercial that was so great way back in 2007. (Her father, Earl Woods Jr., is Tiger’s older brother.)

As you can see in this just-released Insty, Cheyenne, 23, finally realized one of her obvious goals in life. The only problem is that Insty trick shot videos don’t pay much money. That’s a real problem considering the fact that Cheyenne played three LPGA events this year and didn’t cash.

But, she’s Tiger’s niece (Instagram), is cute and golf magazines will pay for her to model clubs and lend her name to their covers. Golf Magazine and Sports Illustrated are two of her recent employers.

[HT: Back9Network]