Gronk Grinds On Chick During ‘Dougie’ At Football Clinic


Rob Gronkowski rocking a pink sweatshirt and camo Zubaz and dancing with a bunch of football-loving women should really be all the info you need to watch any video clip (above), but we’ll give you more backstory.

With the Patriots on a bye week, Gronk decided to host Gronk’s Football 101 Women’s Clinic at Harvard’s football stadium on Monday night.

Attendees paid $99 to learn about football from Gronk and his brothers (and probably some of his bros, too), run some drills and have a Gronktini. Also donuts.

Mega sports tweeter Lana Berry hit up the camp, shot the video above and was even given a sweet award for traveling the furthest to attend.

The brilliant scheme is obviously a brainchild of the same savvy marketing powerhouse that brought you Gronk Flakes and “Growing Up Gronk.” We can only hope that a Gronk Boat cruise is the next logical extension of the brand.

Gronk and the Pats play the Panthers in Carolina next Monday night (8:40 p.m. ET on ESPN).

Best of Gronk being Gronk:

[H/T: @Lana]

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