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Drunk Jerry Jones Sleepwalking Past Rick’s Cabaret In French Quarter

Jerry Jones enjoyed his weekend in the French Quarter until Sunday night’s ass kicking, of course. BC reader @JohnBecknell spotted Jer & his wine glass just past Rick’s Cabaret on Bourbon Street. Of course he sent it to us to appreciate.

As you can see, it seems Jer Bear is sleep walking and doesn’t give a shit who takes a photo of him sleep walking. Love it.

There were other photos of Jer in the Quarter, but John B. easily won this photo contest.


BC follower @J_Man324 tells us: “my wife got up close and personal with Jerry.”

J Man added: “He just kept asking cowboy fans if they liked those 3 Superbowls.”


Picture 2

Too many Hurricanes at Pat’s, bro?

Picture 3


Picture 1

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