Mooch & The Viking Share Special Moment, Heat Fan Brushing & Oregon Crying


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What did we learn last night in college football? The Oregon offense is a tad susceptible to the Stanford defense and gets very frustrated when the Cardinal control the game clock on offense.

The time of possession last night: Stanford 42 minutes; Oregon 17 minutes (full box score).

I know, I know, I know the Oregon mentality. “It’s not how long you have the ball, it’s what you do with the ball when you have it.” You still happy with this 21st century football theory, Oregon fan? By the end of that game, the Ducks defense wanted nothing to do with Stanford. They wanted to get on a plane and go soak in the $68 million dollar football facility pools. In the 2012 Stanford win, the Cardinal had the ball for 37 minutes to Oregon’s 22.

I’ll reserve comment on Baylor until they run the table in the Big 12. Baylor against Bama would not be a pretty sight, so those of you hoping for that should be real careful.

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