Bernie Kosar Buys Booze For Guy With ‘Bernie Stole All My Crown’ GameDay Sign



Go figure that Bernie Kosar would be in Tallahassee last week for the Miami-FSU game and would run into the guys with the “Bernie Kosar stole all my Crown Royal sign.”

That’s not even the best part of the story, according to Eric Ramcharran (@EzEram), the sign maker.

Bernie Kosar saw my sign on Gameday and bought a bottle of Crown he didn’t know if he stole it or not

Bernie was such a good sport. Single most incredible tailgating story EVER!

I nominate Bernie Kosar for Balls of Steel!

Eric added: “He saw the sign on GameDay and went looking for me to give me the Crown. We put the sign on the fence in the RV lot spot. The Crown Royal distributor stopped by as well; we did shots. Funny Bernie said he doesn’t drink Crown, he drinks vodka.”

Yes, Bernie was in on the shots.

After he gave me the bottle we changed the sign to Bernie Kosar RETURNED all my Crown Royal. Right thing to do!

For those of you who’ve tailgated in Tallahassee, you know what the odds are of this happening. You know how insane the RV lot is. This is a complete miracle that Bernie pulled off.

Bernie might be a complete DUI, daughter who did porn, broke, concussed, desolate human being, but he seems like a helluva good time.


via @BernieKosarQB

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