Seriously, A MAC Ref Called This A Safety In Ohio-Buffalo Game


Watch very closely to this from last night’s Ohio-Buffalo game. That play was called a safety. I’m not kidding.

Was it reviewable?


Safety stands.

From Sports Illustrated:

McCabe ruled the spot of the ball was not reviewable by replay.

McCabe issued a two-word answer – ” Yes, correct,” he said – when asked if he had an inkling he might have been wrong in awarding the safety.

Solich was unhappy with the call, but noted it didn’t ultimately cost the Bobcats the game.

What bothered Solich more was the rule preventing the officials from reviewing it.

” It’s a call that points are scored on,” Solich said. ” I believe all calls where points are scored to be reviewed, certainly if there’s a question.”

Ohio got stomped 30-3, but only trailed 7-3 when the ref made this phantom call.

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