Police: Bears Fan Tasered His Packers’ Fan Wife Over MNF Bet


Bears Fan Tasers Wife

John Grant of Tinley Park, Ill. is a big Chicago Bears fan; his wife roots for the Green Bay Packers. You don’t have to be Dr. Phil to predict there would eventually be a problem in this relationship.

Early Tuesday morning, Grant, 42, allegedly Tasered his wife twice outside Sidelines Tap in Mayville, Wis. The couple had been watching the Bears-Packers Monday Night Football game, and Grant told police they made a bet on the game: fan of the losing team gets Tasered.

We’ll let The Daily Citizen take it from there:

The wife said that while the two were smoking cigarettes outside of Sidelines, Grant had used the stun gun twice on her butt and once on her thigh. She said that she has burn marks on her butt although she did not request emergency medical treatment.

After the game the two walked back to the semi-truck that they call home and Grant was angry. He threw his wife’s dog out of the truck and would not let the woman in. At that time she walked back to Dan’s King Pin to use a telephone.

In reviewing the woman’s text messages about the bet and a cellphone video, the officer determined that she did make the bet with her husband and that she did consent to having a stun gun being used on her. She told the officers that she didn’t think her husband would actually use the weapon on her.

Well, a bet’s a bet. Three times seems excessive, though.

Since it is illegal to carry Tasers/stun guns in Wisconsin without a permit, Grant could face $10,000 in fines and up to six years in prison.

Maybe Cutty, Trestman and the Bears will help Grant out? He’s proven his loyalty more than most Bears fans.

[H/T; The Daily Citizen]

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