Kate Upton Bloated On Draft Beer Down Under? [PHOTOS]

Kate Upton Bloated On Draft Beer Down Under? [PHOTOS]


Just a day after Kate Upton flopped her cleavage around an Aussie horse track at the Melbourne Cup, she did a post-race luncheon event where she was looking a little bloated.

Draft beer bloat?

The other big Upton news today is that the newspapers are going nuts over Kate buddying up with some Aussie Rules Football dude named Lance Franklin.

VISITING swimwear model Kate Upton has a new friend in AFL star Lance “Buddy” Franklin – but she says it’s no more than that.

“I just met him,” she said at the Crown Oaks lunch on Wednesday.

“We were at the same event.”

And there you have it, Australian newspapers getting their money’s worth out of Upton visiting for a horse race. As for this chin situation, this is getting serious.

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