Would Michelle Beadle Go To Fox Sports 1 & Team With Erin Andrews?



So we’ll just assume that Michelle Beadle is done at NBC Sports. It not a secret that Beads was pissed off when things didn’t work out with her show (I can’t even think of the name of it right now) was booted due to terrible ratings.

All of this begs the question: When will Beadle officially leave NBC Sports Network to team up with her old friend Erin Andrews at Fox Sports 1.

First, let’s hear from NBC, via Richard Deitsch’s media column:

“We are trying to sort out our future relationship, to be candid,” said NBC Sports chairman Mark Lazarus. “She was disappointed we canceled her show. We were disappointed we canceled the show. That wasn’t good for any of us. We don’t like to do things that don’t work for audiences. We still want her to be part of some of our bigger and other shows if it works out. We are still together trying to sort out our future relationship and she is still a big part of Access Hollywood.”

Sounds to me like they’re not getting back together.

And now let’s hear from Beads on a Pageviews reunion:

Picture 1

Sounds to me like she’s leaving the door open.

As for the New York City Marathon, Beadle, 38, was beaten by 46 year old Pam Anderson. Yep, that Pam Anderson.

Picture 2


Picture 3

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