Buy Quebec Home With Mini Canadiens Locker Room & Rink – $3.3 Million



Real hockey fans don’t mess around: they think, talk and play hockey all year long. God knows it’s easier than finding the NBC Sports Network on your cable system.

One homeowner in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec took it a step further, installing a miniature version of the Montreal Canadiens locker room and rink _ with a Zamboni — in his/her house. You can now own this hockey fan’s dream home for just $3.3 million Canadian dollars (roughly $3.1 million U.S.).

Included in the price is an incredible modern kitchen, a two-sided fireplace and the very latest in home fixtures and styling.

Not included: the Stanley Cup. The trophy hasn’t had a permanent home in Canada since the Canadiens won the NHL championship in 1993.

Highlights of Mont-Tremblant Hockey Home:

• 5 bedrooms, 5 baths

• 4 844,83 PC

• 173 kilometers to Sexy Hollywood cabaret

• 11.7 Kilometers from Tim Horton’s

[Crazy House For Hockey Player —; Photos via ReMAX]

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