Texas Man On PCP Attacks High School Band During Halftime Show



You know what’s not a cool move when you’re high on PCP? (1.) Going to a Texas high school football game, and (2.) Attacking a Texas high school band during its halftime performance.

College Station, Texas cops arrested 41-year-old Erick Pratt Friday night for going nuts on the Conroe High School band.

And at Tigerland Stadium, while the Conroe High School drill team was on the field and their band was waiting to perform, a man jumped a fence from the stands to the field, ran through the drill team, and was flailing his arms in the middle of the field. The spectator then headed towards the home side but ran through the band, knocking down three or four girls and the metal ladder used by the drum major.

Officers say several people piled on top of the man, causing him to fall to the ground. 41 year old Erick Pratt of College Station was arrested for criminal trespassing and public intoxication after telling officers he was on PCP. None of the students were hurt.

Ironically, Pratt was released from jail earlier this year after being found not guilty of making or selling PCP “within a drug free zone.”

Have video of this guy knocking the drum major off the metal ladder? We want to see it.



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