Pavel Bure’s Wife, Alina Khasanova, Cleav-Bombed His Number Retirement Ceremony [PHOTOS]


Pavel Bure's Wife 23

Pavel Bure was a scoring machine. During his 12-year NHL career (1991-2003), Bure led the league in goals scored three times on his way to making an estimated $66 million.

That last stat may have helped Bure land the beautiful Alina Khasanova, a decade-plus his junior, to be his wife. The Russian-born model was in attendance with her husband in Vancouver on Saturday when the Canucks retired Bure’s No. 10 sweater.

It was Alina Khasanova’s revealing peek-a-boo dress, however, that drew all the attention.

Somehow the Canucks’ paid attention to the Bure tribute without demanding his wife stand at the podium. Vancouver won the game against Toronto, 4-0, but Bure’s wife clearly won the day.

[H/T: @GoldAndOrSmith]

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