Kate Upton Is In Australia With Her Weird Hat For Famous Horse Race

Kate Upton was hired by Emirates Airlines to fly to Melbourne, Australia for Tuesday’s Melbourne Cup Carnival horse race. From the little we know about the Cup, it’s Australia’s equivalent to the Kentucky Derby. We won’t bore you with all the details. Just know that over 110,000 fans will show up (on a Tuesday) for the race.

And the national papers will put American Kate Upton on their covers with “Cup Queens” headlines.

The Herald-Sun reports:

Raised in Melbourne, Florida, Upton says she’s thrilled to finally get the chance to see the other Melbourne she has heard so much about.

“My Melbourne is a very small surf town, so it’s totally different,” she says.

“When I first started modelling people got confused between the two cities.”

Kate will be in the Emirates box with such celebs as Geri Halliwell and Lleyton Hewitt.


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