Falcons Cheerleader Alice Fair Wants To Run A Funeral Home




Ever thought about death and who will be preparing your body for the afterlife? Ever worried that some creepy dude would embalm and dress you in that Bama jersey? Rest easy, fellas. If she has it her way, Atlanta Falcons cheerleader Alice Fair will have either take over her family’s funeral home business or open her own funeral home in Atlanta.

That’s right, Alice Fair is a cheerleader, has dreams of preparing you for the grave and doesn’t seem to have any issue working with dead people.

According to Falcons.com:

Now in her third year with the Falcons, her fellow cheerleaders are familiar with the story but still are intrigued to know what she considers obvious questions, like if she’s ever seen a dead body.

“Yeah, of course,” she said with a laugh. “I’ve seen a lot of dead bodies.”

Alice, who worked at the funeral home as a secretary during high school and whenever she gets the chance to go home, fully plans to keep the family tradition going. Although she previously planned to follow her father’s footsteps and buy Fair Funeral Home, now she might have different plans.

“Now that I’m in Atlanta, I haven’t decided,” she said. “Maybe I’ll open up my own funeral home one day. But for now, I don’t know if I’m ready to hang up my pom poms just yet.”

There’s no word if Alice (@AFC_Alice) would actually do embalming; I assume that’s part of keeping the family tradition going. You can’t buy the family business and not pour some embalming fluid into some bodies.



[Alice F. – Facebook]

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