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Barry Bonds Has The Legs Of A High School Volleyball Girl

Remember when Barry Bonds had legs that looked like sequoias?

Remember when Barry Bonds said this during Spring Training in 2005?

“My legs have always been the strongest thing on my body,” he said. “The work ethics I use with my legs, that’s my power and my entire drive. It’s always been my legs. You use your hands to hit, but I need that drive.”

Barry now has the legs of a high school volleyball player, as he showed this weekend (@Bricoleman6).

The Shrinking of Barry Bonds isn’t a new subject for BC. We’ve thoroughly covered the shrinking ever since we saw Barry bicycling in the Rockies. That was during the summer of 2012.

As you can see from fall of 2013 Barry, the legs have further thinned. Size 32?

The transformation:


The shrinking:

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