Fan Picks His Nose Hard At Clippers-Warriors Game [VIDEO]


The Clippers and Warriors waged an early season NBA war at the Staples Center on Thursday night. The Clippers won 126-115 behind 42 points and 15 assists from Chris Paul, but things got testy between the teams a few times.

During the game, Clippers’ star Blake Griffin and Warriors’ coach Mark Jackson engaged in a little jawing after they brushed up against each other on an inbound pass play.

You know who had the best view of the altercation? The dude in the blue shirt picking his nose behind Jackson in the video above.

Guy is doing such deep digging, you almost want to get him a pamphlet on the dangers of fracking.

Those are pretty sweet courtside seats, so one can assume the nose-picking Clippers fan will be back for more later this season. Best not to ask him to pass that soft pretzel down to you, though.

Yes, that's my real name.
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