Aussie Ellie Gonsalves In Her Halloween Costume


While our cohorts at Coed are busy compiling Miss Coed Halloween Hottie Madness, we’ve been over here trying to edit out the 8s and 9s for the Halloween 10s. I know you guys are busy. I know you’re busting your ass at work and just want the best of the best from 2013.

I’m putting my internet career on the line by saying you’ll be hard to find another 10 who had a Halloween like Australian Ellie Gonsalves (model, swimwear designer, Maxim model, etc.). She first appeared this week at the Playboy Halloween party with her girlfriend Sheridyn Fisher.

For the Playboy party, Gonsalves (Instagram), she went as Applejack from My Little Pony; Fisher was Rainbow Dash. It’s well known that in the cartoon, Applejack and Rainbow kiss.

Then, for her actual day of Halloween costume, Ellie put together a Sexy Snow White costume that 8s and 9s can’t pull off.

Know of a hot chick who can beat this Halloween costume(s)? We want to see her.

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