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Katherine Webb & A.J. McCarron Fear For Their Lives In Haunted House [PHOTO]

Katherine Webb & A.J. McCarron can’t go anywhere in Alabama without it making news. Case in point: the couple stopped by the Sloss Fright Furnace — a former iron furnace turned haunted attraction — in Birmingham this past Monday night.

Sure enough, they showed up on Sloss’ Facebook page just hours later. Notice Webb protecting McCarron.

Is it an NCAA violation if the furnace tried to comp McCarron or Webb the cost of the $17-$22 ticket? That would be the funniest way for us to wind up with a Florida State-Oregon BCS title game.

The haunted furnace trip had to be Webb’s idea.  Since McCarron looks into the lifeless, black eyes of Nick Saban at least five days a week, the Crimson Tide QB doesn’t need more scares in his life.

We’ll bet Saban puts on a Les Miles mask and heads over to the furnace after practice to scare ‘Bama fans. It’s probably his go-to relaxation technique.

Alabama is off until LSU comes to town on Nov. 9.

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