Gemma Lee Farrell, Playboy’s Miss November 2013, Talks Naughty Photos & Car Racing [PHOTOS]


Gemma Lee Farrell’s nipples are dangerous.

Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for November 2013 was recently dropped from Instagram when a picture she uploaded to her profile on the social media site was judged to be too racy.

“(My profile) got deleted just before my issue came out,” Farrell, 25, said from Los Angeles on Thursday.

“I posted a picture, and I guess you could see a little bit of my nipple, so they deleted my profile. Fortunately, I have friends at Monster Energy who helped me get it back.”

The gorgeous brunette is the first Playmate from New Zealand. As a spokesmodel for Monster, Farrell has become recognizable at motocross and skateboarding events. She talked to us about the Playboy experience, dating a pro skateboarder and starring in a reality show.

You were at the Playboy Halloween party this past weekend. What was it like?

It was so much fun! It was everything you’d think a Playboy Halloween party would be. Body-painted girls, celebrities, Hugh Hefner and his wife, Crystal — their costumes were amazing — all of that.

What was your costume?

I was a devil-vampire. A company that I work for, Dreamgirl, made the costume. It was sexy; it worked out well.

Have you met any athletes as a result of Playboy? Did any hit on you at the party?

I’m sure there were lots of athletes at the party — everyone was there — but you couldn’t tell who anyone was because they were all in costume. No, no flirting is happening.

You were featured on the New Zealand reality show ‘Girl Racers.’ Have you ever wanted to pursue racing as a career?

I’d never consider it as a career now. I have too many other activities I am pursuing and one accident could ruin it all. I was so very young then; about 17-18. It was super dangerous. I did really well. You go so fast in those cars. It’s an incredible adrenaline rush.

You model for a lot of action sports-related companies. Which sports do you participate in?

Oh, I just can’t do some of those sports. You don’t want me riding a motorcycle. Only bad things can happen…The only time I was ever on a motorcycle, I drove it straight into a fence. I learned my lesson.

Which sport’s dudes are the biggest flirts?

The skateboarders. I date a skateboarder (Brandon Biebel), so I don’t get too many people flirting with me.

What’s the biggest sport in New Zealand? What’s your favorite American sport?

In New Zealand, it’s probably snowboarding and then rugby. I like going to sporting events in the U.S., especially baseball and basketball games, but I really don’t know the rules, yet. I am trying to learn. I just drink a beer, eat a hot dog and cheer.

See the November 2013 issue of Playboy featuring Gemma Lee Farrell on newsstands and now.

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