Bama Fan Busted Running Moonshine Operation In Rural Alabama



Our Alabama media sources sent us a photo this morning of 33-year-old Shawn Osborne. He was busted Wednesday by the Lawrence County, Alabama Sheriff’s Department after police were alerted to a moonshine operation being run out of a shed.

According to the Moulton Advertiser, Osborne was quite the moonshiner.

The sheriff said the still was in a 15-gallon pot that could potentially produce a gallon of whiskey per day. He said he estimated the product to be close to 90 proof.

Osborne was charged with manufacturing illegal whiskey and was taken to the Lawrence County jail.

Looks like a clean operation.

“The product from them is potent.  Real high proof.  A lot of folks just go crazy with it,” the sheriff told WHNT. “I guess were going to have to be on the lookout more for whiskey stills.”

I’ll Roll Tide to the crazy part.

For those of you thinking this Bama fan is a moron and can’t count to 10, it looks like he was pretty smart when it came to making a still. Using kegs is recommended.

According to

Some moonshiners use a thump keg, which is simply a heated barrel into which the steam is forced. Some solid material from the mash usually comes along with the steam, so the thump keg, so named for the thumping sound the bits of mash make when they drop into the barrel, re-evaporates the alcohol, filtering out the mash. If a moonshiner wants to make his or her alcohol extra potent, he or she might “charge” the thump keg — add undistilled mash or a few gallons of alcohol into the keg so the steam picks up extra alcohol vapor on its way to the worm box.


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